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Best Sales Training Programs

Best Sales Training Programs

George Leith has created some of the best sales training programs in the world over the years, in addition to hosting a slew of seminars, webinars, and public speaking events. Stay tuned to if you would like to find an event near you. Please, bookmark this site in your favorite browser and treat it like it is - a tremendous resource for companies and individuals!

Please, when you study sales training from George Leith, be sure to take your time, take notes, and try each tip that you get. You'll begin to use them to make your sales process better.

Some of the Insights You Will Gain from George Leith's Best Sales Training Programs

Your customer is your real boss, so always act accordingly! Be natural and empathize with your clients - only present ideas to your clients that you would buy yourself. Be sincerely excited, not phony, as people can detect a fake from a mile away. There is a big difference between someone who feigns confidence, charisma, and outgoingness and someone who actually exudes these characteristics organically.

Be Natural

Your competition never sleeps, except for one time - early in the morning! This is the time to listen. When interacting with your clients, try to make them laugh. If they laugh with you, they are much more likely to buy from you. Remember, sales isn't about putting on a persona or playing a character. Sales is about being a real person - about connecting with your clients on a deep, real, personal level. So be yourself, be honest, and be your friend. Don't be like everybody else.

Do Your Research

Tailor your message according to the exact needs of your clients. Of course, doing so means you first have to do your research. By not only researching your product but also researching your client, you will be much better able to identify key points that you can highlight, such as how different features of your product can make their life better.

Be the Best Version of You

George Leith teaches one of the best sales training programs in the world because he teaches his students not to become a different salesperson. Rather, he teaches his students to become the best version of themselves. Most of what you need to stand out is already inside you. Sales training from George Leith teaches you how to tap into it.

Don't be Scared to Fail

When dealing with clients, don't be afraid to fail. Failures are the doorsteps of success. Besides, if something is broke, you can't break it anymore! And don't be afraid to call on past customers who told you to get lost. What's the worst thing that can happen? Excuses are for losers. Remember, your phone is not going to ring by itself! You have to get off of your butt and make it ring!

Friends First

Trying making a friend before you make a sale. People buy from their friends. How do you make a friend in the field? Trying adding value! Do something for someone with no strings attached. Be real. Genuinely care about people and their best interests first and your commissions second.

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Best Sales Training Programs Best Sales Training Programs