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Affordable Web Design

We offer monthly and one time fee web design options and platforms for every budget including WordPress & non-WordPress website design, hosting, content and maintenance packages for every kind of business.

Without a powerful website, you are losing potential customers. Every business requires a website that looks great, loads fast, and hosts engaging content. Work with our web design and development team to create user-friendly, appealing, websites showcasing relevant content about your business, its products and services

Find out why your not showing up higher in the search engines with a free Snapshot Report!  

Gain access to an experienced team of web designers and web developers to build your website.  Monthly website purchase requires a 1 year agreement.

WordPress Website(Up to 10 pages)

WordPress Website (Custom)

SaaS Affordable Websites

WordPress Site Monitoring

Your website is subject to malware, hackers altering files without your knowledge, brute force login attacks that can bring your website to its knees, comment spam, and “spamvertising” if you do not have complete site monitoring. Your email account is also at risk since it could land upon one of the numerous email spam blacklists. Our site monitoring services protect you from all of these threats and offer the following features:
monthly malware scan of your website

  • Alert monitoring for any files that are changed by a hacker
  • Password auditing
  • Advanced firewall protection
  • Enhanced login security with brute force login protection
  • Advanced comment spam filter
  • “Spamvertising” & email spam list monitoring

WordPress Updating

Without performing updates of the WordPress CMS, plugins, and/or themes, your website is subject to malware and cybercrime intrusions. This can take down your website for days or even weeks. Our update services include WordPress updates and releases.

We also repair critical security vulnerabilities and reduce the likelihood of your website being hacked by running updates when they are released.

Load Time Optimization

Since 2010, Google has started analyzing how quickly your website loads and using it as a ranking factor in their search engine algorithm. Loading speed has become increasingly crucial as a ranking element with every passing year. We will commence our load time optimization procedure by assessing your website’s load speed down to the millisecond.

We will keep track of how quickly your website loads and provide a screenshot to demonstrate the problem. Then we’ll perform the following:

  • Website caching
  • Browser caching
  • Enabling “lazyload” of images, iframes, and videos
  • File optimization of HTML, CSS, & JS
  • Mobile caching
  • Feed caching
  • Prefetch DNS requests
  • Image optimization
In most circumstances, we can get websites to load in under a second! On average, we can reduce page load times by 1000 percent or more.

Content Creation

Let our team write customized website copy to promote your business and reflect your brand.

Content Maintenance & Design

We understand that you may require assistance in implementing content and/or design modifications to your WordPress website. So, we’ve budgeted up to 2 hours every month to implement them for you.

We will keep track of how quickly your website loads and provide a screenshot to demonstrate the problem. Then we’ll perform the following:

Managed WordPress Platform Hosting

  • Daily automatic backups – We perform daily backups and keep them offsite for 30 days.
  • SSL on the fly – There is no need for configuration.
  • Incredible Speed – To boost WordPress speed, our platform is built on cutting-edge technology such as PHP7, SSL, and Nginx.
  • It is automatic. WordPress core and plugin updates are performed on a daily basis. Includes a pre-post update comparison utilizing artificial intelligence to ensure that the change has no detrimental influence on the site.


  • Content & Preventative Maintenance – $500/month (1-year minimum)
  • Managed WordPress Platform Hosting – $720/year
  • Content Creation – $160 per 500 words (minimum)

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