Digital Marketing for Dealerships


One up the Competition with Tools They Don’t Have.

How You Can Benefit

Full-Service SEO

Before making a buying decision, the vast majority of consumers will do a quick Google search. By using our SEO tools and strategies, you can give your business the visibility it needs. With our team of experts and top-notch technology, we ensure you’ll have the bandwidth to focus on building and growing your business.

Dynamic Facebook Campaign: Automotive

By running our retargeting campaigns on Facebook, we’ll make sure customers remember you. We do this by showing them previously-viewed vehicles from your website. When clicked on, our dynamic ads will take Facebook users directly to that vehicle’s listing page!

Inventory-Based Search Engine Marketing

To increase VDP views, leads, foot traffic, and sales, use your inventory feed and specific searches on Google. Whenever someone searches for a specific vehicle, and you have it in stock, we’ll show them a text ad with a direct link to it. Bonus: You’ll only pay for clicks!

Dynamic Inventory Retargeting and Geofencing

Show dynamically generated display ads using current inventory, pictures, prices, and vehicle descriptions to users who have recently searched for related keywords or visited a competitor. Clicks take users directly to the vehicle’s page!

Dynamic Inventory Marketing and Remarketing

Make use of our dynamically generated ads! Utilizing advanced contextual and behavioral targeting along with premium placement on the most popular automotive websites, they match your current inventory pictures, prices, and vehicle descriptions with actively interested buyers. Inventory feeds are updated three times a day, and users are taken directly to that vehicle detail page.

Geofencing with Conversion Zone Tracking

GPS location data allows you to build an audience with user data within highly-defined areas—for example, targeting competitor lots to reach active buyers. Using time-stamped mobile data, custom drawn fences, and manual adjustments, we ensure a high level of precision and superior technology.

Device Targeting

By using exact property information and public land surveying information, you can precisely target your competitor’s old addresses or be-backs from your CRM or direct mailing list, or even geo-fence past and potential customers.

MicroVicinity Targeting

Display your ads in real-time to people at another dealership. This service comes with an accuracy of up to 1000 square meters.

Event Targeting

Capture audience data from specific upcoming events and deliver ads to attendees for up to 30 days after the event ends. For example, you can advertise your service to people who visit another dealer’s off-site sale.

Language Browser Targeting

While Spanish-speaking audiences are the first that come to mind, our language browser targeting service can be used to reach many of the audiences you’ve been missing.

Website Retargeting

This is an effective way to keep your business in front of potential customers who have visited your site. Creative is delivered across all devices, in all sizes. It can also include pre-roll video and OTT.

Search Retargeting

Ensure your ads reach users who have recently searched for keywords related to vehicle shopping. This is an effective advertising tactic for reaching in-market shoppers who may not be familiar with the inventory on your lot.

Targeted Digital Video

In 2017, video ad spending grew by 23%. By 2020, 82% of all consumer internet traffic will come from videos (Cisco Study). Together, online video and TV increase your message’s recall by 50%. Target your online audiences on Youtube, connected TVs, mobile phones, and other devices!

Digital Out of Home (DOOH)

Magnify your business with digital out-of-home ad placements, including billboards, banks, convenience stores, malls, airports, movie theaters, banks, gyms, restaurants, bars, salons, doctor’s offices, hotels, taxis, buses, subways, and more. This comes with 100% viewable inventory!

Performance Tracking

With full transparency, real-time data, and tools, our team can optimize current strategies and try out new ideas. Our open door of communication allows you to get answers or make adjustments quickly through one contact.

Advanced CRM Retargeting

Advanced CRM retargeting utilizes your own CRM software and data to identify, match, and re-target your customers with online ads based on their unique online ID.

Google Doubleclick Platform

Running on Google Display Network? This is not the Google Doubleclick Platform. Execute your campaigns the same way the biggest brands in the world do. With smarter technology and data and increased conversions, track each user’s interaction with your ad campaigns.

The Conversion Zone

With conversion zone tracking, you can easily check on the number of people who physically visit your dealership after seeing an ad. It also shows you whether they clicked on the ad or not! We can also tell you precisely what ads got them to your doorstep.

Here’s How It Works

Step 1

A virtual geo-fence is set up around the area where you want to target customers. It could be a competitor’s store, a venue, or even a specific part of town.

Step 2

Next, a virtual conversion zone is set up in other locations. When a customer enters the geo-fenced location, they will receive ads on their phone.

Step 3

The conversion zone automatically detects devices that have received ads for your business. It recognizes the user and attributes their visit as an offline conversion for the geofencing campaign.

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